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Billing Block

This is another code block like the homepage quotes. This is so we can have more control over the text. Each credit is made of three parts:

1.  <nobr>...</nobr> - This is a "no break" tag that will keep all the text in between on the same line. Its so the credits don't have line breaks in the middle of a name. Make sure all the text you want displayed for a credit is in between these tags.

2.  Credit Text - This is the text that will display. Names should be all uppercase and everything else should be all lowercase. This is how we get the two different text sizes.

3.  &nbsp; - This is a "non-breaking space". Follow each credit with one space and then this piece of code. Its what puts the extra space between each credit. 


Billing Block Backup

If you make changes and the billing block stops working, replace the code with what's below.

<div class="billingblock">
  <nobr>ROOY MEDIA and ITVS present</nobr> &nbsp; 
  <nobr>a documentary film “DEEJ”</nobr> &nbsp; 
  <nobr>producers ROBERT ROOY and DAVID JAMES SAVARESE</nobr> &nbsp;
  <nobr>executive producers JEANNE JORDAN and STEVEN ASCHER</nobr> &nbsp; 
  <nobr>co-producer ANNE DE MARE</nobr> &nbsp; 
  <nobr>cinematography by ROBERT ROOY</nobr> &nbsp; 
  <nobr>director of animation EM COOPER</nobr> &nbsp; 
  <nobr>music by DAVID MAJZLIN</nobr> &nbsp; 
  <nobr>community engagement REGAN BRASHEAR</nobr> &nbsp;
  <nobr>edited by ROBERT ROOY and JAMES RUTENBECK</nobr> &nbsp;
  <nobr>executive producer for itvs SALLY JO FIFER</nobr> &nbsp;
  <nobr>words by DAVID JAMES SAVARESE</nobr> &nbsp; 
  <nobr>directed by ROBERT ROOY</nobr>



This is a special code block that generates the images and the mouseover links. This isn't something you will be able to edit so if you need changes to this, you will need to talk to me. 


CC and AD

This is actually a different part of the Footer so you will need to edit it separately. Its also a code block so that the images and text will display exactly the way I want them to. You can edit the text in here just like the other code block. Just remember not to change any of the blue, green, or red code. If you want something to be in italics, you need to put <i> before and </i> after the text you want italized.