What they’re saying about Deej:

Deej represents a giant leap forward in shifting public perception of nonspeaking Autistic people. The documentary brings to light the idea of presuming competence and how…that one thought can provide a bright future.”

Ari Ne’eman
Co-Founder, Autistic Self Advocacy Network,
Washington, DC


Deej is the best film on autism I’ve ever seen. So much of DJ’s experience resonates deeply with me; it feels authentic from start to finish. Deej is an important film for anyone who wants to understand autistic lives.”

Brent White
Adult Transition Program Director,
Ala Costa Centers, Berkeley, CA

"Sharing Deej with a PBS audience will do much to help others who, because of poorly understood sensory-movement challenges, …remain consigned to the margins of society."

Anne M. Donnellan, Ph.D.
Professor and Founder/Director of the
University of San Diego Autism Institute


“The AutCom motto, Social Justice For All Citizens with Autism, challenges our world to provide access to people with autism to all aspects of life. Deej seeks to overcome the negative stereotypes we seem to be bombarded with…

Donna Downing,
President, Autism National Committee (AutCom)


“Every moment in a disability life is provisional, capricious, filled with ups and downs, and so, disability is also a model of what being richly alive is about. [Deej] is about life, real life, with all its fabrics, gropings, silences, shouts…"

Stephen A. Kuusisto
Director, The Renée Crown University Honors Program,
Syracuse University and author, Planet of the Blind


DJ cannot speak with his voice, and yet his words rise up in a powerful, poetic voice of advocacy…. Fierce hope fuels determination and poetry defies terror. We'll be able to help spread the word to a global audience...”

Kirsten Haugen
Working Group Coordinator,
The World ForumFoundation on Early Care and Education


Deej is a beautifully rendered testimony to the power of meaningful inclusion in education, and the tenacity and courage students with disabilities and their families demonstrate trying to access essential rights and participate as full members of the community.

Cheryl A. Theis
MA, Education Advocate DREDF
(Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund)

"…a brilliant, moving and innovative film – providing deep insight into DJ’s experience and his 'quest for freedom' for all individuals with disabilities. Inspiring, thought-provoking…Deej is a film worth watching for anyone, including those of us who provide support for individuals with disabilities.

Eric Zigman
Executive Director, Golden Gate Regional Center
San Francisco, CA



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