Public Performance Rights (PPR) or Public Screening Fees

Public Performance Rights (PPR) or Public Screening Fees

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Public Performance Rights (PPR), a.k.a. a Public Screening License, allows the public screening of Deej by organizations or individuals.  This is required whether the screening is free or admission is charged. 

PPR fees for a one-time Deej screening:

  • Festivals: $300

  • Conferences: $300

  • Theaters: $300 (or $200 plus 50% of net sales)

Public performance rights are now included in the purchase of either the: K-12/non-profit DVD, college/university level DVD or an institutional DSL license.

If you are planning a school-wide, staff training or public event, please be sure to fill out this event form.

We will support the screening

and provide an extensive screening toolkit, containing a detailed event planning guide, flyer and press release templates, a press kit, a discussion guide created by DJ Savarese, and more. We’ll also actively promote the event on social media.

If a host wishes to charge admission or take donations:

This right is not covered with this purchase, but we are open to making this possible on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us to make arrangements.

Get in touch with us if you’d like more information about bringing a member of the Deej team to your event!

Purchase Orders

Institutional purchase orders will be accepted; please send via email.

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