Public Performance Rights (PPR) or Public Screening Fees

Public Performance Rights (PPR) or Public Screening Fees

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Public Performance Rights (PPR), a.k.a. a Public Screening License, allows the public screening of Deej by organizations or individuals.  This is required whether the screening is free or admission is charged.  PPR fees are not covered by the purchase of a DVD or DSL license; nor is a DVD or DSL license required to host a screening.

PPR fees for a one-time Deej screening vary

depending on who is screening the film:

  • Colleges, universities, companies, museums: $300

  • K-12, non-profits, public libraries, individuals: $100

  • Festivals: $300

  • Conferences: $300

  • Theaters: $400 (or $200 plus 50% of net sales)

We will support the screening

and provide an extensive screening toolkit, containing a detailed event planning guide, flyer and press release templates, a press kit, a discussion guide created by DJ Savarese, and more. We’ll also actively promote the event on social media.

If a host wishes to charge admission or take donations:

We ask the host to pay the screening fee in advance, and then equally share any income over the cost of the screening fee.  Contact us to arrange this.

Get in touch with us if you’d like more information about bringing a member of the Deej team to your event!

We offer DVD/PPR and DSL/PPR discounts:

Do you represent a college, university or other organization? And are purchasing DVDs or a Digital Site License?  Or, has your institution already purchased DVDs or a DSL?  If so, we can offer a significant discount for a PPR license:

  • Colleges, universities, companies, museums: DVD or DSL Price + $100

  • K-12, non-profits, public libraries, individuals: DVD or DSL Price + $50

Please contact us to take advantage of these discounts. 

Purchase Orders

Institutional purchase orders will be accepted; please send via email.

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