Digital Site Licenses (DSLs) for Colleges and Universities

Digital Site Licenses (DSLs) for Colleges and Universities

from 350.00


A DSL license allows you to host Deej as a film file on your digital server; students, staff and faculty members can watch the film via a private, password-protected connection.

We offer DSL licenses for two terms:

  • 3-Years: $350.00

  • In Perpetuity/ Life of the File: $550.00

The In-Perpetuity license includes copies of both DVDs. DVDs can be added to the 3-Year license for an additional $100.

DSL licenses include six files for streaming:

Both lengths of Deej, each in three versions:

  1. Open subtitles for the Deaf and hard of hearing;

  2. Open subtitles, plus audio description for the blind;

  3. Without subtitles or audio description.

Upon purchase

We will email you with a download link. We also send links to caption and audio description files and a transcript of the film.

DVD Only

We also offer DVDs without DSLs. Click Here for Details.

If your institution has already purchased DVDs

Please contact us for a special discount on a DSL. 

Terms of Use

Kindly read our terms of use for DSL use. Your purchase constitutes your agreement to them.

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