Digital Site Licenses (DSLs) for Colleges and Universities

Digital Site Licenses (DSLs) for Colleges and Universities

from 350.00


A DSL license allows you to host Deej as a film file on your digital server; students, staff and faculty members can watch the film via a private, password-protected connection.

We offer DSL licenses for three terms:

  • 3-Years: $350.00
  • 5-Years: $550.00
  • In Perpetuity: $650

The 5-Year and In-Perpetuity licenses include copies of both DVDs. DVDs can be added to the 3-Year license for an additional $100.

DSL licenses include six files for streaming:

Both lengths of Deej, each in three versions:

  1. Open subtitles for the Deaf and hard-of-hearing;
  2. Open subtitles, plus audio description for the blind;
  3. Without subtitles or audio description.

Upon purchase

We will contact you promptly to arrange file specifications and transfer.

DVD Only

We also offer DVDs without DSLs. Click Here for Details.

If your institution has already purchased DVDs

Please contact us for a special discount on a DSL. 

Terms of Use

Kindly read our terms of use for DSL use. Your purchase constitutes your agreement to them.

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